Matt & Laura

"Stefan, the photos are truly amazing. You captured our wedding day better than we ever could have imagined. Going through the folders of photos allowed us to relive the day in a way we never thought possible. All the big moments were captured and we felt all those emotions over again. The nighttime photos (specifically the sprinkler ones) are absolutely stunning. The colors just pop. Your paparazzi photo of us from the woods made me throw my arms in the air because of a ‘no way’ moment I was having. And then I asked myself, what do all the previous compliments have in common? They were all recommendations made by you! (sneaking out at night. Making us head back to get the sprinkler photos when we noticed they turned on). I don’t think we could ever thank you enough with what you’ve provided us with. Our one ‘want’ we asked you to provide us with in our pre-wedding meeting was for you to ‘take charge’ and boy did you ever deliver. You better continue being a photographer because you have a gift my friend. Myself, Laura and our families are ecstatic with how they came out and just the pure amount of photos is insanely awesome. Talk to you soon, Stefan! And again, thank you so much for everything! With the utmost jubilation, Matt & Laura"